Welcome to McLarens Logistics Limited

Welcome to McLarens Logistics Limited. Out of the box, is our style!

We are a family owned diversified Logistics Group of Companies established in 1979, as a pioneer Marine Container Terminal Operator in Sri Lanka. 

The McLarens Logistics Group (MLG) as we are known today incorporates the services of a strategically located inland container terminal, warehouses, freight stations, transport and project cargo handling expertise all under one roof, while carving a respected niche for itself as a reliable and professional shipping agency and NVOCC operator.

MLG is also engaged in container trading and conversions, which is an out-of-the-box initiative that we are now making headways with, in both the industrial and domestic sector.  Having converted empty containers into site offices, security sheds and mobile toilets in the 1980’s, MLG set the pace as one of the foremost container innovators in Sri Lanka.  Thus we have the product knowledge on how to fabricate, maintain and repair a container cabin to actually last for over 20 years.

Let us therefore, give a brief introduction about the business of container conversions and its many uses as we believe that the varied range of conversions at our command would be of immense benefit to an organization looking for specific alternatives.

Shipping containers have an excellent basic design which makes them ideal for an infinite number of alternate uses.  As a pioneer marine container operator, we understand container deployment like no other and are able to convert these tough steel units into a variety of movable and functional designs.

Deluxe accommodation cabins, neat site offices, elegant toilet suites, cozy cafes, attractive restaurants, efficient outdoor banks, mini outlets, effective product displays, secure medical laboratories, versatile engineering workshops and many other practical but tailor made solutions to suit demanding customer requirements are all within our expansive range.

We work with 20ft and 40ft container configurations, but meet the exact specifications you require, both internal and external dimensions, add doors, windows, insulation, paneling, electrical circuits, toilet units and customized roofing adaptations to provide absolute comfort and intriguing functionality.

We can match any size requirement by joining 20ft and 40ft containers alongside each other and removing internal panels to expand interiors.  We can also deal with special sizes such as 10ft, 30ft and 45 ft as well as double and triple stacked containers for restricted spaces.